Products For Your Skin

Fresh Green Leaf And Beauty Cream IsolatedEveryone is in search for the best skincare products that will slow down the aging process and leave the skin looking tight and smooth. However, in the rush to find these products, there are many people who have encountered the perils of artificial products with poisonous elements. Currently, the most advisable skin care products are natural and homemade.

This is because there is less chance of allergic reactions or skin conditions from using artificially produced products. On the other hand, the market is flooded with thousands of manufacturers of beauty products which make it hard for the average consumer to choose the best.

The Best Homemade Skin Care Products

Currently, many people have resorted to creating these products in the comfort of their kitchens. Scientists are continuously finding new properties of basic fruits and vegetables that improve the skin. For people who are looking for anti-aging creams or products that tighten and make the skin smoother, here are some amazing homemade skin care products to try out.

1. Homemade Moisturizer – Avocado And Honey

Using this homemade moisturizer, the skin looks smoother and retains more moisture which slows down the aging process. Even better, it helps reduce wrinkles and improves the overall complexion.

To prepare take three tablespoons of fresh cream, a tablespoon of honey and a quarter piece of an avocado. Blend all the ingredients together using a blender. The mixture should be applied on the skin and left for an hour. After which it should be rinsed of with warm water. Repeat the process at least twice every day for the best results.

2. Homemade Wrinkle – Free Product Using Salad

This mixture clears wrinkles through the use of antioxidants usually found in fruits. These compounds protect the skin from damage due to UV rays from the sun. Also, it boosts circulation which enables the blood vessels to deliver nourishing nutrients to the whole body including the skin.

To prepare the wrinkle-free skin care mixture, get half cup blueberries and strawberries (fresh), one chopped and peeled kiwi, pomegranate seeds (half cup), orange juice (half cup) and walnuts (handful). Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and pour the orange juice to create a mixture. It should be applied daily and rinsed off after an hour for the best results.

3. Homemade Acne And Zit Treatment

Regardless of how careful someone can be with their skin, the likelihood of getting zits and acne is still high. On that note, it’s important to find ways to treat these blemishes before they leave blackheads that can be difficult to remove. The best chance of doing so is using this homemade acne and zit treatment.

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Using yeast (for brewing), lemon juice (just a squeeze) and water, create a paste. The paste should be applied on the skin blemishes and left for 10 minutes, preferably covered with a bandage. For people suffering from acne, the paste should be applied on the whole face or affected area for the best results. Repeat this daily and enjoy a blemish-free skin.